Don't take our word for it. Here's what past attendees say:

“RAISE is the best event to meet small venture funds.”
“After nearly 20 years of attending similar events in the industry, RAISE was the first that actually provided a structure with tangible results, matching interested Limited Partners with GPs and funds they wanted to learn more about. Well worth the time!”
“RAISE is a great opportunity to hear from to a large number of quality managers in a short time and to, at the same time, see trends in the venture capital markets.”
“RAISE is one of the three events that matter when it comes to understanding and investing in the seed/preseed market.”
“I had heard from a number of prior attendees that RAISE was the best event of the year, and it did not disappoint.  The content and attendees were great, and it was an incredibly valuable experience..”
“RAISE was an excellent event. The attendees are top notch both on the LP, GP, and emerging manager side and the content was very valuable and insightful. Would definitely attend next year.”
“Best event of its kind I have attended. In a class of its own.”
“I met my largest investor at RAISE. RAISE is by far the best day to meet GP's and LP's in an curated, thoughtful setting. The ratio is better than any other event I've attended.”
“A wonderful event that puts quality funds in front of a large audience of potential investors.”
“Hands down the best Venture event of the year!”
“This was my first RAISE experience and I will NOT miss another one. ”
“In just 4 years RAISE has become the pre-eminent conference showcasing the industry's best emerging venture managers. For LPs seeking access to the next generation of top venture managers, attending RAISE is a must...”
“For manager research, RAISE is our most productive day all year!”
“RAISE is such a great way to meet new GP's and to network with other LP's.  There is such a great collection of people and wonderful opportunities to get to know them.”
“RAISE is well executed and well curated! This is a one of kind event for emerging managers and micro-funds to meet interested and engaged LPs.”
“RAISE is the most relevant GP / LP conference we attend. For seed VCs, top tier institutional investors and allocators of capital RAISE is on point and to the point with fast, efficient meetings and presentations.”
“The No Brainer first stop for first time funds.”
“Great event to meet several VC funds on the same day and understand their different strategies/investment theses.”
“Terrific to see the diversity of themes in early stage risk taking. Very informative and one of a kind.”
“If there is one legit event when GPs meet LPs with a highly tangible ROI and engaged interlocutors, it's definitely RAISE. And beyond, the transparence enables GPs to benchmark their message and their performance in a unique way. As a GP, you not only feel like you belong to a community but you also see where you stand. A unique moment of the year.”
“The best place to hear many GP’s in one day while having the faith that the event is well curated.”
“The follow-up survey for RAISE 4 asked if I would attend again if my calendar was open. This was the wrong question. I will be holding my calendar open until I can register for RAISE 5 in 2020.”